Posted: Mar 02 2014


Actress, model AND blogger. Watch out for this triple threat beauty because she does it all! We were able to snag sometime with this busy babe, where she spilled her secret talents, style and bikini must haves! Every look you see here was hand selected and styled by Jenny, so are you ready to get to know more about this beach babe? Because we definitely are!


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Lets start with the basics what's your full name and hometown?

Jenny Parry, Glendora CA


You are a lover of fashion and talented model, many people might say they are inspired by you...who would you say is your style icon?

A mix of Anita Pallenberg, Jane Birkin, Kate Moss and Erin Wasson



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Do you like modeling or acting more?

Acting. Modeling is so much fun but I like developing a character



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You act, you model, you run your own you have any secret talents we don't know about?!

I'm really good at one-handed cartwheels


If you could be any character in a tv show who would you be?

Maybe Rayanne from My So-Called Life...I liked her 'don't give a f---" 90's style and didn't she get to hook up with Jordan Catalano at least once?!


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Back to fashion...what season would you say best describes you?

Fall but more the start of fall and the end of summer...Indian Summer


Can't leave the house without...

My phone (unfortunately) and Burt's Bees Chapstick (I'm full on addicted).


What's your favorite bikini style at the moment?

Teeny-tiny crochet


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The perfect beach day is....

Surfing in the morning, laying out with a good magazine mid-day, then drinking a margarita in the afternoon. Heaven...


Lets end on an inspired note, what are your favorite words to live by...

Stop dreaming, start doing


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Photographer - Nicole L Hill

Hair & Makeup - Bethany Ruck

Model - Jenny Parry, check out Jenny's blog here